Restoring Mattapoisett and Marion, MA's Heritage One Property at a Time

Get the ball rolling on your historic landmark restoration

Since 1987, Figueiredo Carpenter Custom Builder has been the top choice for historic renovations in Mattapoisett and Marion, MA and the surrounding area. We have been in the construction industry for over 30 years and use this experience to complete extensive historic restorations from start to finish.

The team at Figueiredo Carpenter Custom Builder has worked on historical properties that date back to the 1730s. When you want to keep the identity of your space while revamping the interior and exterior, turn to us for help. Arrange a consultation with a historic renovation pro by contacting us today.

Add customized touches to your property

Bring your space back to its former glory. Hire Figueiredo Carpenter Custom Builder in Mattapoisett and Marion, MA for historic landmark restoration services. Since starting our business in 1980, we have collected over 50 unique and traditional moldings you won't find anywhere other than in our woodshop. We also have extremely rare types of shaker-style cabinetry and reclaimed lumber.

Figueiredo Carpenter Custom Builder in Mattapoisett and Marion, MA will manage every aspect of your restoration, including:

  • Architectural design preservation
  • Custom carpentry
  • Custom cabinetry

Once you decide how you want your cabinets, doors and other fixtures designed, we'll bring samples from the workshop to your location for you to choose from. We're dedicated to maintaining the historic integrity of your space while making sure it meets modern standards.
Schedule an appointment with Figueiredo Carpenter Custom Builder as soon as possible to get started on your historic renovation.